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12 reviews for 3D Energy Drinks

  1. jak-murphy17

    NOW THESE ARE SOMETHING ELSE, an upgarded version off any energy drinks out there!! tried the green and white can flavours which were amazing, really gave me that kick before my workout as a substition for my pre. For the price its something id reccomend getting in bulk because as soon as you’ve finished your first can you’ll regret not getting anymore. 10/10 this product

  2. gle88 (verified owner)

    10/10 love the red can.. have the white and green 1 to try aswell so looking forward to that. Total recommend

  3. jon.wellington (verified owner)

    Great flavouring (green & white) nice little boost during work. Noticeably better than the regular energy drinks you can buy in most shops.

  4. mike.redd.fit

    Got the red one as a free sample – tastes great. Look forward to trying the others!

  5. Tom.Wallis (verified owner)

    Taste is great! Ordered these at 11:30am and received them the following morning, within 24 hours. Great service and great drink!

  6. Harry Cubley (verified owner)

    Flavour 10/10, Caffeine dose 10/10, how it sits on my stomach 10/10, amount of calories in each can 10/10, gonna keep buying these to treat myself as they are mint

  7. mehrali1998 (verified owner)

    Amazing, can’t fault these whatsoever! Taste amazing and gives you a good kick!

  8. makswyard (verified owner)

    White is very good…..still prefer Monster I think just because its half the price. if 3D was the same price (not insights pricing, its the same everywhere) then it would be more 50/50. still very good though!

  9. lee_wyatt (verified owner)

    Nice tasting energy drink that gives me a little kick to start the day if needed. Thought I’d try these to cut back on stims and I’m pleased with the purchase. Only thing I will say is that I prefer the reign energy drinks for taste over 3D. I had the orange can which is basically orange lucozade and the purple can which to me is the taste of zero sugar grape fanta

  10. Tom Hartley (verified owner)

    Good energy drink – won’t replace Monster for me but I’d put it as better tasting than others out there and would certainly add a few to my next order to switch things up

  11. daniel.salmon187 (verified owner)

    Grape flavour is great, good energy drink but doesn’t quite beat a monster ultra violet or blue

  12. Chris Coates (verified owner)

    Always grab one of these at least when I do an order. Great energy drinks in general!

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