My name is Anita Tryc and I have been a competitive bodybuilder since 2015. I was competing with UKBFF for 3 years in Women’s Physique category. Every competitive year I qualified to British Finals. In 2017 I placed 6th in Britain, got best condition to date and now I am preparing to compete with PCA on BodyPower Expo in Trained Figure category. Later on in the year I will be competing with 2BrosPro in Women’s Physique as well and try to win the IFBB PRO card as the biggest of my dreams is to step on Olympia Stage with all the amazing athletes.

It all starts with a dream and my dream was to create a physique like DLB. Dana was my first ever female bodybuilder that inspired me with her dedication, her physique and the way she is as a person in the big world of PRO bodybuilders. I am still a work in progress but improving year by year.
I have a pleasure to join the team INSIGHTS Supplements this month. Being sponsored as an athlete is a huge help as we know that the life of a bodybuilder means that all you put into reaching your goal, therefore I am forever grateful being able to represent INSIGHT Supplements who are the only place in UK where you can get Run Everything Labs supplements.

My favourite supplements from this brand are EDD multivitamins containing all so much needed vitamins and minerals and also Chromium, Alpha Lipolic Acid ans L-carnitine what is normally hard to get as a blend. ONWARD is another of my favourites as its excellent for immune system, enhances your mood and gives you extra energy… so helpful during preparation for competition. It also tastes so good ! Cannot miss EWP pre-workout… as I am a person who is very immune for any stimulants , this pre-workout actually works. There is no crazy heart beat or anything like it, but what it does give you, besides slight tingling feeling , is amazing focus. Since I started using it, my training became even more intense, I get a great pump and am coming out from gym totally ready for my bed 🙂

I am not going to write about calories, as simply I do not count them, I count my protein,carbohydrates and fats intake accordingly to my needs, phase of prep I am in and changes that my body is making. If I could give any advice to anyone who is wondering why is not making any gains, why is not losing any fat, why is not getting stronger, it would be only one and most important advice… Focus on your food, what you are putting to your body, quality and quantity of it. They say YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, and I will always strongly stay by this statement. Make sure your nutrition is not poor, in quality or quantity. Simply saying if you want real results, get a real and good food down your throat. Forget about cheap proteins like canned meats or fish, go to butchers, buy a good chicken breast, real low fat beef, make sure you eat enough green vegetables as your fibre source and also do not avoid carbohydrates. This is where most people go wrong. They are simply scared to eat. If you want to loose weight, you need food. If you want to put size on, you need even more food, clean food to make your gains optimal without putting too much of fat tissue on. If you have no idea how to do it, get a coach or a PT who will definitely help you and you wont be loosing your time and patience. Most of all , LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Do it for love of lifting. Not for you EGO. Do it for a challenge to see how much you are able to change your body and I can promise , its sooo worth it.

I have been an overweight person to start with. I used to be a smoker as well. I smoked for 10 years!! wasted time as I see it now. But everything happens for a reason, no matter when you start, it matters that YOU DO START.
As for training , I have switched now to 4 day split, with 3 days of rest in the week which is Wednesday, and weekends. I start with shoulders/triceps, then is a back and rear delts day, Thursday chest and biceps and my favourite day , LEG DAY, on Friday.
Yes Legs are one of strongest points of my physique. What do I do to grow them? Hmmm.. there is some of good genetics I have been blessed with but you not going to make genetic to work without putting some good work in. I always go as heavy as I can. Love to lift heavy, but with proper form what is most important in bodybuilding. No Ego lifting. If I feel weaker , I only push to where my body allow me to go.. an a bit more for that extra muscles breakage. I love supersets for legs.. minimum rest to keep my heart rate up and get maximum pump.

An Example of my leg training (which is changing from time to time depends from what I am focusing on) :

1.Legs extensions most of the time superseted with hack squats 1 warm up set , 3 working sets
2.Leg press (most of the time I get to 8 sets as I am always trying to beat my PB which at the moment is 12plates a side for 8 reps)
3.Smith squats , volume work with small weight going deep and keeping constant tension on quads
4.Courtesy squats superset with hip thrust
5.adductor and abductor machine
6.always a good finisher, LUNGES.