Another productive week.

After adjusting the diet, weight dropped to just below 66kg. Everything on target. Condition is coming in. 6 weeks out today, a lot of work to be put in. It is getting harder but at the same time, more exciting. This is where the magic happens. Last weeks of prep. Every day brings something new. Something to look forward to. Posing is more intense but also it is more enjoyable as you can see that all that work you put in past off season is coming out nicely trough. Time to adjust posing, find new angles to present your physique at its best. You learn every single day, week, month, year. Work never stops. There is so many things to improve, so many movements to correct or find new ones. This is why I truly fall in love with bodybuilding. It will never get boring.

At the beginning of my road, few years back, I knew I want to do proper bodybuilding, with all posing and comparisons. I knew it is the only one way to make it exciting. I always want to look better and do better, grow bigger but keep proportions. I didn’t had a clue about posing when the dream was born. I was improvising… I did take a few lessons, but I was never truly FREE in the movement. Always too tense, always too robotic. ..This year something changed… I would never ever even asked for help someone on a high level in this industry as I was too much body shy, not confident enough and ashamed that I cannot take it to the next level….until my dreams became bigger and I just couldnt allow to let myself down nomore. I reached out to the right person IFBB PRO Ernie Taylor as he, like nobody else, been there for me in the background every step of the way past season… always seeing in me something more than I could see myself. It made me think and it made me hungry for making the right steps in the right direction. Under his eye and knowledge I did let go of the stiffness, I got to know how to pose on a PRO level. I am still learning, but making very good progress. The body confidence boost is unbelievable. The love for the sport even bigger. The will to go and reach unreachable is immense…

Now than, 6 weeks out, posing is on the dot, posing routine is coming together… looking back at my videos from competitions, my presentation and posing and comparing it even to this date, I can truly say my posing was very basic….I know exactly why I have not placed any higher…. true is , you can have the best physique in the lineup but if you are unable to display it accordingly, you wont be rewarded.

If anyone is interested in taking posing lessons, inbox me. Or pop in to Emporium gym in Birmingham next Saturday 7th of April. Message me for more info.

Time to work even harder to make everyone proud, especially myself.