Starting this week with Body Weight of 68.5KG, put 1.5 kg after cheat meal on Saturday.

Two following weeks my body weight didn’t change on Saturday morning check in, 67kg. Last year I stuck on this weight for good few weeks, so we will try this time to shift it faster. Therefore this week carbs are dropped slightly in all of carb meals. Cardio stays the same, LISS, 2 x 30 min, one is fasted. Less carbs equals moody Anita… of course I am always trying to be on top of my mood swings, after all nobody is telling me that a I have t do it, I chosen to do it myself so have to deal with every aspect of this process by myself (and it’s not always so easy ). I am quite lucky as my work colleagues are used to me being on prep, so if I get too much, they just ignore my moods, or if I am too quiet, they know it’s not personal.

Talking cheat meal… most of the people fall of the wagon on this day, they start too early and don’t stop until next day. End result is terrible as they put too much on weight and even though it is water retention, it’s still hard to shift it to stay on track. My cheat day starts with my regular 4 clean meals. After those I have my cheat meal which most of the time is stuffed crust Barbeque Pizza with pepperoni and double cheese…Papa Johns or Dominos…never get bored of it. Unless I do, I go for a burger and fries. If I am allowed sugars, it must be Ice Creams, Ben and Jerry’s… mouth is watering even thinking of them… or M&M’s peanuts…

Today’s training is Shoulders and Triceps. That only means a good pump. I love training shoulders. As my frame is tinny, I make sure I am working hard on them to make my upper body wider and generally my physique nicely balanced.

On Thursday I am seeing my posing coach Ernie Taylor… A lot of work to be put into it before the stage. Presentation is most important in bodybuilding. You can have a beautiful physique but if your posing needs work, you are not going to place high.