Keto Warrior

So the date was set, the 30th of April 2016 for the PCA Welsh. At the 16 week out mark, Mike decided to drop the hammer from the get go and implement a modified, bodybuilder style ketogenic diet. For those that are unfamiliar with a keto diet, it’s essentially no direct carbohydrate sources along with a very high fat intake. I went into robot mode and did exactly as I was told, no questioning, no asking for a refeed; in fact Mike purposely didn’t give me a refeed the whole prep because he knew I wouldn’t have taken one. Obviously I’m aware of the benefits of one now but at the time all I wanted to do was to continue pushing the fat loss as far as humanly possible.

The diet barely changed for the most part, with slow reductions in fat intake as we got closer to the show. This is how we started at 16 weeks out, the funny thing is, this is all done off memory, remembering it like it was yesterday:

Meal 1 – 175gs Steak, 200gs Green Veg, 2tsps Olive Oil Meal 2 – 150gs Chicken, 90gs Lettuce, 7tsps Olive Oil Meal 3 – 175gs Salmon, 200gs Green Beans, 4tsps Olive Oil Meal 4 (Pre) – 45gs Whey, 7tsps Macadamia Nut Oil Meal 5 (Post) – 150gs Turkey Mince, 90gs Lettuce, 80gs Avocado Meal 6 – 175gs Beef Mince, 200gs Green Veg, 2tsps Olive Oil

As you can imagine, I was fairly bored of olive oil… but I couldn’t complain, I loved each meal and despite the lack of carbs and incredibly low energy levels throughout the day, training was good.

The Show Day Nightmare

So the day came and I was incredibly happy with the package I was bringing. Obviously, like every first time competitor I had no idea how the day was going to run and just generally what to do. I was competing in the classic bodybuilding class, which was around half way through the morning show. I waiting in the crowd with a number of other competitors, consuming my scheduled meals. Then as the class two before me were called I proceeded to enter backstage, to give myself plenty of time to get ready (so I thought). Upon, entering back stage I was told that all of the other competitors were waiting for me to go on stage. Incredibly confused, I was then told that the two classes before me had merged due to low numbers. I asked how long I had to tan and pump up (instant tans were used at the event, dream tan). To then be told I had to be ready to go on stage within the next minute. I didn’t even have my trunks on, so as you can imagine I went into a mad panic. I changed as quickly as I could and literally ran on stage to join the already posing group. NO TAN, NO PUMP UP and food sitting fairly heavy on the stomach having eaten barely half an hour prior. However, I quickly got my game face on and battled it out with the other 10 competitors. The end result, 4th place and missing out on a British final invite by one place. To this day that placing is still a bitter one, with me being placed behind a federation

favourite and long term member (myself and 3rd place below), whom I felt I beat, but that’s bodybuilding. All in all not a bad showing for a pale, flat novice and I truly got the bug.