Who is Jack Thorburn

Age: 24 Height: 6ft Weight: 75kgs (comp) 90kgs (off season) From: Swansea, South Wales Titles: NABBA Welsh Jnr Champion 2016 BNBF Welsh Jnr Champion 2016 BNBF Welsh Middleweight Champion 2017 BNBF Southern Middleweight & Overall Champion 2017

Where it Began

As with many of young bodybuilders, I started off playing many sports. I was a fairly good rugby player, gaining a scholarship to the best rugby college in Wales, Llandovery. Upon arrival it was obvious that for me to compete with the rest of the squad I would need to get a lot bigger. Fortunately, the current first team prop and competitive bodybuilder saw potential in me and took me under his wing and from there I caught the bug instantly. The boarding school schedule and almost daily rugby training, saw me getting up at 5am to train before school started. Over my 2 years in college my passion for bodybulding grew, with a horde of flex magazines building up on my desk and cut outs all over the wall. Then following a torrid year of injuries whilst playing rugby; broken sternum, ankle ligament damage and 5 pulled hamstrings to name a few, I finally stopped and decided to place all my focus into bodybuilding. With no other sporting commitments besides bodybuilding, my body responded incredibly quickly and I began to both lean out and add muscle to an already chunky frame.









The Man I Owe So Much To

Following leaving college, I studied in Cardiff Metropolitan University. The gym was okay, but I knew if I wanted to continue to make progress that I would have to look elsewhere. That led me to discover an incredible gym based in the Cardiff Docks area Ufit (recommend anyone in the area to visit). Without a car, the half an hour walk daily wasn’t ideal but I knew it was worth it. I trained there for my 3 years of university and by then had built a respectable physique, which attracted the attention of a local coach by the name of Mike Gelsei (Empower Bodybuilding and PCA Judge). Mike approached me and seemed to think I had a lot of potential in bodybuilding. I’ve always struggled with confidence, so didn’t see it in myself at the time but he convinced me to start working with him, with the aim of getting on stage. From there, I trained weekly with him at his incredible gym GAH, just outside of Cardiff. He taught me the true meaning of ‘training hard’ and the discipline of dieting and it wasn’t long before we’d set a goal to compete in my first show.







In part 2 I’ll go into the nightmare of my first competition, doing a 16 week keto diet and also the highlights of a successful first competitive season.