Week went well. Weight went down, body got a bit leaner. Over all very positive week.

Thursday was all about improving my posing. I went down to Emporium Gym in Birmingham for another posing session with IFBB PRO Ernie Taylor. It is never easy… going trough all poses numerous times, muscles gets sore, starts cramping… then after 1.5h hour you hear “ok one more time….. last one…” and even you don’t really want to you still doing it. Best thing is to hear that your progress in making your teacher proud. Still 7 weeks to perfect it, slow the walk and remember to move my hips more, but I am on a good way.

After posing I got really amazing chest and biceps session with Ernie. Fully pumped headed home to take this all in and start practising on my performance.

Next week we are starting putting together my posing routine. Music has been chosen. Can’t really wait to create something really special and different as for UK female posing.

I think this prep is heading to some new destinations, definitely higher up than last year. 7 hard weeks ahead and I cant wait 🙂